FEATURED ARTIST: Matt Chamberlain

We are excited to collaborate with local artist Matt Chamberlain on our latest product designs for The Yorkshire Collective.

Matt has studied art at every level from GCSE to college, and studied Illustration at Huddersfield University. He has been working as a freelance illustrator since graduating in 2005.

A lot of his work is created on commission for bands and musicians, such as t-shirt designs, posters, and album covers, as well as pet portrait commissions. His personal work includes nature based projects, drawings of prehistoric animals, and pyrography (wood burning).

Matt’s inspiration comes from illustrators of albums and tattoo designs, and by studying Victorian scientific illustration in natural history museums and practicing the style. Artists such as Dan Mumford and Paul Jackson have also had a strong influence on his work, featuring lots of attention to detail and creating textures and shadows through dotwork.

Based in Mirfield near Huddersfield, Matt likes to go on walks through local Hopton Woods, listening to music and thinking up new ideas.

“You don’t realise how friendly and funny Yorkshire folk are until you go down south and meet other people. Yorkshire people know how to have a right good time without spending much money and always know how to have a laugh. I love the fact there’s so many interesting places to go on a walk. It gives me thinking time to come up with all my ideas.”

Matt’s work has been featured in exhibitions in Huddersfield including at the university, however he now mostly shares his finished pieces online through social media. Give his Instagram a follow to keep up to date with his latest pieces.

You can check out more of his work through the links below, and see his collection on our online store here.

Website: www.mattchamberlainillustration.com
Instagram: @mattchamberlainillustration
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mattchamberlainillustration