Doing our bit for the environment

Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay

We’ve got a lot to brag about in Yorkshire when it comes to the great outdoors. We got moors, dales, AND tors. All exceptionally scenic, and all in need of our love and protection.

We may not shout it from the tor-tops, but The Yorkshire Collective is doing our part to keep Yorkshire (and everything outside of it) clean and beautiful with our ethical environmental policies. 

  • All of our garments are printed in the UK with water-based inks and designed by people from Yorkshire. 
  • Our focus is on quality and human rights. Everything you buy from us in printed in the UK on ethically sourced garments. We’ve chosen companies like Inkthreadable, AWDIs, and Sol’s, who not only make it a point to reduce environmental impact, but also make sustainability and ethical production a priority. 
  • Because everything is made-to-order, we cut down on the ecological footprint of our items in two big ways: mileage and packaging. Your order travels directly from a UK manufacturer to you, so you know less fossil fuels are consumed in getting your stuff to you. We don’t have to stock a bunch of items either, so we don’t have to pre-package everything for storage. 

So now you know that when you purchase anything from TYC, you’re not just making good sartorial choices, but you’re keeping Yorkshire (and everything outside of it) a cleaner, healthier place.