If you’ve ever walked around Barnsley town centre in South Yorkshire you’ll probably be familiar with our latest artist’s work. Pixel Buddha brings their own subversive charm and phenomenology to the grey, urban landscapes of Yorkshire and beyond with their street art featuring persistent and familiar designs.

Taking inspiration from street artists such as Space Invader, Shepard Fairey and Banksy, the artist decided to partake in a little visual disobedience of their own in an attempt to stimulate curiosity and bring people to question both the icon itself and their relationship with their surroundings and the people they interact with.


The philosophy behind the content of Pixel Buddha’s work sparks a range of emotions across the town - and the world. Stickers have been distributed to fans alike across the globe and have made their way to some interesting places including streets of Bolzano in Italy as part of the #NoHateFamily movement, and even featuring on pickets during protests against the Chinese government in Hong Kong.

“Because people are not used to seeing advertisements or propaganda for which the product or motive is not obvious, frequent and novel encounters with the sticker provoke thought and possible frustration, nevertheless revitalising the viewer’s perception and attention to detail. The sticker has no meaning but exists only to cause people to react, to contemplate and search for meaning in the sticker. 
Buddha stickers are both embraced and rejected, the reason behind which, upon examination reflects the psyche of the viewer. Whether the reaction be positive or negative, the sticker’s existence is worthy as long as it causes people to consider the details and meanings of their surroundings. In the name of fun and observation.”


Pixel Buddha has decided to donate half of their profits made from the sale of their products through our collaboration to the Creative Recovery charity based in Barnsley. Take a look at the awesome new collection here and make sure to follow all of Pixel Buddha's latest antics on Instagram.

 Instagram: @ogpixelbuddha


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