Let's have a natter: Who are The Yorkshire Collective?

The Yorkshire Collective founder Roseanna with Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid

So you’ve seen our website, you’ve subscribed to our mailing list, you may have even bought some of our lovely products – but who the chuff are The Yorkshire Collective, really?

The Yorkshire Collective was conceived by artist, photographer, illustrator, musician, and general creative busybody Roseanna “Dozy” Hanson from her bedroom in Barnsley towards the back end of 2018. Roseanna enjoyed working as a tattoo artist for just over a year before deciding to go down a slightly different (and less permanent) route to share her artwork with the world.

While studying Photography at Norwich University of the Arts 2011-2014, Roseanna would create illustrations in her spare time, and one afternoon created a character called The Yorkshireman. The image of this flying flat cap wearing hero went viral, and it wasn’t long before offers to have the design printed on t-shirts and sold in shops throughout Yorkshire came in.

The success of The Yorkshireman and seeing the response people had to other Yorkshire themed designs gave birth to the idea of The Yorkshire Collective – a place not only for Roseanna to share her own designs, but for other artists across Yorkshire to use as a platform to create and sell their own collections and celebrate God’s Own County.

With advice from Launchpad at Enterprising Barnsley, a business plan was formed and work started on the website with help from web developer Scott Mallin. The online store was officially launched on 1st March 2019.

The Yorkshire Collective will be a space to celebrate the creative talent of Yorkshire artists and designers, an inclusive brand centred on community and support for local business. Our “Anti high street, pro local” mantra aims to encourage a culture of shopping at independent retailers in order to keep money within the local economy rather than big brands continuing to take away from the people that work hard for them.

This is only the beginning for The Yorkshire Collective, and we look forward to seeing where it takes us. We are always open to ideas and collaborations, if you want to get involved feel free to drop an email to roseanna@theyorkshirecollective.co.uk